Friday, April 18, 2014

Popcorn Poppin on the ACL Knee

I´ll be home for Christmas You can count of me. Ill be home for Christmas If only because of my knee! 
Wooh! What. A. Week. Can you believe it? I cant. Clearly God has something awesome in store for me in Salt Lake!
In this week alone i have...played futbol with latinos, torn my ACL on a mexican Futbol field, been pushed in a wheel chair on uneven sidewalks, been thrown from my wheelchair on uneven streets, gone to a small Mexican hospital, gotten a strange MRI in a mexican hospital, slept on a bottom bunk, ridden the sketchiest 50 year old Mexican elevator, and also seen Cory Gerrard as a missionary. Can you get any more firsts than that??? 

Needless to say...its been quite the week. Last week my biggest news was that i was called as sister training leader. Hahahahaha.
For all your prayers, i am seriously grateful because my pain level is at a solid 0 when i am sitting and not moving my knee! It only kind of hurst when i am trying to bend it or straighten it. Your prayers are working!! I laughed out loud though when i heard you got the call about my knee while you were sitting in the ER with Sammy. Gotta love the Saylin family. Someone is (or multiple people are) always injured in our home! 

So last night we taught latino members and i was so scared because theyre naturally less forgiving of the language as the teachers here are! But then i had one of those moments like the Elder Calhoon in the Best Two Years had where all the sudden like these words started coming out of your mouth and they understood and you mostly understood them and then its not until after where you look at your companion like :O that just happened. Anyway, i just felt inspired to read Moroni 10:4 and 5 to them. And i kinda was like why? Theyre already members. And Hermana Babb said she thought the same thing but i just shared it anyway. Turns out, one of the women hadnt prayed about the book of mormon and we committed all of them to pray with real intent and ask if the book of mormon was true. So that was super cool. Inspiration!!!!

Also, i taught with Hermana Odekirk last night and we were just teaching and Hermano Hernandez came past and said ¨no! ensenan en ingles!¨and we were like ¨what??? Teach in english??¨ so we did. and it was so weird. and spanish phrases kept slipping out. and it was hilarious. Seriously the wierdest teaching experience yet. And thats saying something. 

Paul Hilbigs letter got to me today! It made my whole day. Hes a fantastic uncle! *hint hint*

Oh while i was at the hospital the doctor was speaking like at least 156 mph to me in spanish and seriously the only thing i could say was Duele! and Dolor! But anyway. He asked me how much i weighed and i just told him in pounds. and he looked at me and said ¨you dont weigh that much¨ in spanish. And i was thats...flattering, but i am not lying! Thats how much i weigh! But then i figured out that they dont weigh things in pounds here but that he wanted my weight in Kgs! Well.. i have no idea what i weigh in Kgs. And then he asked my height and i told him and he looked at me like i was crazy again. Well... he needed it in meters. Yet another adventure. So advice for all: ¨When you go to a mexican hospital for an MRI, dont tell them your weight in pounds or your height in feet or theyll think you are crazy.¨ Youre welcome. That will be useful one day.

Alma 26:27 is the scripture of the week!
I know that this trial is hand crafted by the Lord for Hermana Saylin. He knows me better than i do and he knows what i need more than i do!

I. Saw. Elder. Gerrard. can you believe it?? I couldnt eat breakfast because i was so nervous about seeing him. But when i was walking out of the comedor for breakfast this morning i basically fell down the stairs with my crutches and made this whole scene but who was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs? Elder Gerrard. So that was cool. 

Oh i also got to go to a Mexican gas station after the hospital. They measure gas in leiters and pesos. And they have people that pump your gas! And the man that took Hermana babb and me to the hospital wouldnt let us role down our windows in the city. He just kept saying ¨too dangerous¨ hahahaahah. it was so stuffy in that car!

I am so exicted that it is thanksgiving! I miss you guys but i also think this might be one of my favorite thanksgivings! They switched our tuesday devotional for thursday so that we could have a special thanksgiving devotional! I am so excited. That is at 8 tonight.

Wierd to think we only have one more p day left!! 

Have you ever showered with crutches in Mexico?
I have.

Hermana Saylin

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