Monday, May 19, 2014

I have literally almost been out as long as I had been out before I had to go home. Where does the time go?? Why can't I be fluent in Spanish already??

I am eating a banana that I just bought for 2 limps up the street. YUM

Today we were at the beach with President and Hermana Klein and our whole zone because we won Zona Celestial this transfer! WOOOHHOOO. Anway, this huge storm blew in and we were DRENCHED. I pulled out some limpieras from my purse and they were soaked. Hermana Odekirk said, "Wow, that's one limp limp!"  It was so funny.

We were on this bus (with the stereotypical 156 people on a bus that's made for 50 people) on our way to this zone meeting with a ton of other missionaries. My companion suddenly just gots off the bus but I really didn't know why she was getting off the bus. When the bus started to drive away  I yelled up to the driver and I said, "No, stop!" So then my companion ran next to the bus and the bus driver slowed down so she just jumped back on. All the missionaries were crying laughing. It was too good.

We had THE COOLEST baptism this week. It was one of the Elder's investigators, but at the baptism there were only missionaries and then the branch pres. and his family. It was pouring rain. We were standing on the edge of the river behind president's house and it was kind of that rainforest mist...all over the river. It is in this canyon with millions of green trees.  Literally was a DREAM. This country is beautiful and that moment when Elder Vargas was standing there with her in this beautiful Honduran river was a moment that I have dreamed of since I was a little girl. How can this be real? I'm literally living a dream.

Okay, we got in the worst water fight two nights ago. So we have our pila, then a ten foot wall, and then the other Hermana's pila. Every once and a while we just chuck a bucket of water over the wall to drench each other. It's always so hot that it's kind of awesome when they get you. This particular night was SO BAD. I was out there with an umbrella on top of the pila and then I dropped the umbrella to fill my bucket. Hermana Olivas dumped an entire bucket all over me. We were all dying laughing for the entire time.

The Spanish is coming along really fast but I still dream of the day when I will be able to say everything I want.
I love this gift of tounges! It's so cool. My offical vote is that Scott is going to the Phillipines. So whenever he submits his papers make sure my vote gets written down.

I miss you guys!

Maria Juanquina is getting baptized Saturday. We are teaching her daughter Tania, too, who will hopefully be baptized soon after. Yesterday at church Tania was there and I was so surprised I had the words to ask Mabel (the branch pres. daughter) to bring Tania to young womens and everything. She was awesome for Tania. Then Tania tried to leave before Sunday School started and I saw her walk out. I chased after and again was surprised that I had the words to ask her to stay and that Mabel had a seat for her. She ended up staying and I literally have the biggest testimony of the gift of tongues.

I see miracles every day. I wish I could write them all. 

Luis is  my favorite person ever. He is probably the only person here in Honduras who hasn't given up on being able to say my name. Every time we teach him he says, "Syyyyylinggg." We practice all  of the time. He rocks. He is 32 but I swear he's 22. He got beat up one time when he was younger and they hit his head a ton. He's lucky to be alive but sometimes he is forgetful. He says he was baptized when he was 10 but we can't find his records so he gets to be baptized again! We love him. He is Maria Juanqinas' neighbor.

Oh, pray for Johanna. She has a date to be baptized but she doesn't want to marry the man she is living with which is understandable because she is 22 and he is 50 something. She doesn't want to leave him though because she loves him....oh, I just don't understand. Praying for miracles!!!

I met a 30 year old lady who was kidnapped when she was 12 in Tegucigalpa and sold on the black market. She lives here in Mezapa still with the man who bought her. I don't think her family knows where she is or what happened to her. She is living with this man and doesn't want to leave. It makes me sick. I am not in America that's for sure. I see kids with cleft lips often and I just want to write them a check for everything I have to help them. There just is no medical care here. Kids have the worst rashes and when you ask what it is they say it's from the heat. I have sat in enough medical classes to know that "ain't no heat rash!!"

I love this work. I love these people. I love everything about missionary work. 

Hermana Saylin