Friday, April 18, 2014

A week? Already?

HOLA family and friends,
ah i dont know where to start. Can´t believe its been a week already... i have been thinking about what i am going to write but now i cant even put my thoughts into words now that the day is finally here. 
Most embarassing moment? I wrote a letter to our branch president in Spanish as our weekly letter and i said thank you for your love and support. But i looked up the word for support in my english to spanish dictionary. I just wrote down the word super quick and was about to hand the letter to my district leader when i decided to check the word from spanish to english before i gave it to him. Good thing i did. Because the word was actually the word for something not so great. I dont know if i should tell you what word it was cause dad wouldnt want this letter read by anyone else.

Super coool to be in Mexico for Los Dias De Los Muertos! The kids all get dressed up just like they do for halloween but instead of saying Trick or Treat they say ¨Me da mi calabratias¨ Its the cutest thing ever. I just love these little Latino Ninos. The branch president has a little boy that just turned eight. It reminds me of my favorite Chloe! He loves to talk to me...he likes that his spanish is so much better than mine.

Funniest thing? you know the boogie man that americans talk about? Mexicans talk about the Chupacabra. That translates dirrectly to the goat sucker. Super funny. Its basically the same thing as the boogie man only he chases after goats? Or he is a goat? no entiendo.

Oh thank you to everyone who left me a sweet note somewhere in my luggage! I had to wait a little bit to read them because i had to be emotionally stable first. hahaha. But seriously i love it here. I know that all of you want to hear that i am homesick but... im not. I love every second. The first day was the only day where i questioned that i could do this. >The language is hard but its honestly the hardest thing ive ever loved to do. Its crazy how el don de languas really works. I feel like ive already picked up so much. I can even kind of communicate with the latinos. They talk litterally a million miles a minute. Talk about stress. I favorite thing to say is mande? because it basically means holy crud i didnt understand a word you just said so start over and say it slower. All in one word. 

The food is AMAZING. Seriously. Heaven. You think you have mexican food and then you actually go to mexico. I think i could eat beans and rice for the rest of my life.

So i walk into the CCM and all the sudden it doesnt matter that you dont speak a word of spanish. They dont baby you. The only way i could communicate with the latinos here was by charades for like the first 4 days. My teacher, Hermano Zamilpa is so funny and soooo latino. I love their funny sayings and noises that they all make. I wish i could explain the noise they make that means quit doing that or move over there. Or the noise they make that means give me your attention. It is seriously the funnest  culture ever. And they dont know what whispering is. I sat next to this Latino elder in the last devotional and he would talk to me in a normal voice while the devotional was going. And I felt so awkward. But the rest of the latinos were doing the same so.... 

The latino missionaries always want us to teach them english words so we taught the to say Peace Out. But they think its Pizza Out so every time we see them they all yell Pizza Out!!
They taught us the saying Hijo Le. Which is what old grandmas say. It basically means Oh Shucks. But my district and i use it for everything. Its completely awesome. It just expresses all emotion in one expression.

So we got here and then we taught our first investigator Isabel on Friday. IN ESPANOL. Yes. You can imagine my panic. But it went really well. We taught her to pray in our super broken spanish. and seriously its so cool. Her 2 baby sisters died when they were less than one and its totally torn apart her family. So we have been teaching her about the plan of salvation and also about how much God loves her. Her mom is a member but she lives in Peru so its not super duper helpful but she still talks to her mom about the church. Its so amazing. I love this work! Even if my spanish is feisty.

I am losing my english but i cant speak spanish. So that is a problem. I stutter in english now. Its muy mal.

When people ask me how many people are in my family and i say 9...their reactions are hilarious. Everyone thinks its unbelievable. I love it.

So here i am sitting in my classroom and this rather HUGE beatle landed on my skirt. Being determined to not be that Hermana that can{t handle a bug, i went to swipe it off my skirt without making a big deal. However, it must have been seriously full because when i barely touched it to shew it exploded. All over me. So that was  cute.

Oh there are quidditch cups being my casa. Apparently their for drainage?? Thats what the natives say... but who knows. I dont know why youd need drainage pipes 100 feet in the air....

I will love it if one of you can figure out what it really is....

I love how the latinos say my name. Super cool.

The temple was seriously the coolest thing of my whole life. It is by far my favorite celestial room. I love the Aztec architecture. I did the whole thing in spanish. i am so glad that i went so many times before my mission so that i know it well enough in english to do it in spanish. i didn{t have to be the hermana with headphones on. it was awesome. seriously i just wanted to cry! I am here... ive dreamed of this day for my entire life.

i also got those swweeeeeet scripture cases for 10 bucks at the store down the streeet from the temple. how cool? 

well i love all of you so much. make sure you look at all my pictures. its so differnt here. i want to take a power washer to everything in this city. but the ccm is so well kept and beautiful. 

i love yall so much. i miss you... but not too much because i love being a missionary. no matter how hard the work is the blessings are greater. 

Cory and Cole... i am so excited for you guys to come here!!! There is nothing better. and i swear half the missionaries here are going to Guayaquil. 


Mom and Dad thanks for making me into who i am so that i could now be able to serve this fantastic mission! You guys are the best.
Oh and there and HOUSTON SOUTH missionaries here. I was freaking out. I told them where my bedroom was in the mission home... they were really happy to know. 

Pray that i can earn the gift of tounges! I love all of you.

Hermana Saylin

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