Monday, June 9, 2014

The world cup is  this week and the whole entire world of Honduras could not be more excited. I have been wanting to buy a Honduras soccer jersey and they can be cheap (well compared to America). I was going to buy one today. When Hermana O was getting her hair cut by Hermana Bautista I was asking Hermano Bautista where I should buy one and where they have the cutest and cheapest ones. She then told me to look at the ones they have! Then they made me try on the ones that they had and then they just told me it was a gift from them to me! They gave me a super cool jersey for free! These people would literally give you everything they had. They have nothing but they give everything. That taught me a huge lesson today. Anyway, this jersey rocks and I'm excited about it.

Okay,  talk about the worst week ever.  It was painful. Okay, I'll start with my Luis story. Luis is 32 and he was the most solid investigator ever. He was even telling our investigators that they needed to join the church cause it was true. He was so upset with Maria for not getting baptized when she was supposed to get baptized. He was golden. He was going to be baptized this past Saturday. Then Thursday came around and he said he couldn't be baptized because he was moving to San Pedro Sula. And Hermana O and I just sat there with our mouths gaping open.  He got a job in San Pedro Sula and was leaving Monday. We told him he could still be baptized before he leaves!!!! There are no such thing as adresses so we were worried about finding him in his new home. However, he said he really liked the branch in Mezapa and didn't want to go to a new church in San Pedro Sula.

 We tried to explain that the church is the same anywhere you go. After a few minutes of talking we asked him to say a prayer and ask God what He wants him to do. When he said amen and looked right up at us , he said, "Elder Vargas is going to baptize me right? I'm going to be baptized Saturday at 3." I think my smile SPLIT my face right open. Then we had to get permission for him be baptized if he wasn't going to be there the next Sunday (a week and a day after the day of his baptism.) So after a painful wait of 3 hours our DL called our ZLs who called the APs who called President.

It was a MIRACLE and they said he could get baptized. The next day we went to pick up Luis for his interview with Elder Vargas and he was gone. His mom shewed us away and we were DEVASTATED. We searched literally all of Mezapa and he was gone. Luckily, he was only in Progresso for the day and hadn't moved to San Pedro Sula. The next morning after seriously praying our heart out for 24 hours for a miracle, I KNEW that the will of God was for him to get baptized that day. Why else would He have opened every single door for Luis to get baptized? He even made it so that Luis didn't have to move until Monday! This was the day of his baptism and we were going to find him. With a serious prayer for a miracle in our hearts, we walked to Luis' house. He was there!!! I said a huge prayer of thanks in my heart for that. Then we sat and had a 2 hour lesson where he answered all the baptism questions perfectly and with a testimony at the end of each question he answered. However, he just kept saying that he needed to know more and that he wanted two more weeks. I read that scripture about choosing this day whom ye will serve...God or the world? Hermana O read one about not procrastinating the day of your repentance. Literally everything we were saying were words fully influenced by the spirit. We literally did everything we could for him. He knew he needed to get baptized Saturday. He KNEW it, but he didn't do it. I am sad that he chose to go this way but there is one thing I know for sure. God can open every door for someone. He can make anything possible, but He cannot take away someones agency. Neither can we. I am just glad to say that I did everything I could for him.

I think it was his mom that said something because when we were she asked him if he had told us that he could be baptized. the sisters that you cant be baptized? It was a hard week. Maria has a lot of doubts too. We watched the testaments with her the night that everything happened with Luis. Do you know how the end is really powerful?? Well, she talked to her daughter throught the entire end.  Too bad. We just need to find new, prepared people.

Last p- day we went to Pizza Hut and it felt like America. It was seriously  fine dining to us. Well...the fine dining went seriously foul when our whole entire district had the runs the next day. That got some pretty good laughs...

I got a letter from Elder Gerrard!!!! Made my whole day. week. mission.

So now for  Hermana Orgill's unfortunate moments of the week. There are always so many. We were on the bus to Progresso with 658 people per seat. Hermana O was hanging off the side of the seat and there were tons of people in the isles. This man with a button up shirt and a chubby belly slid past her and her hair got stuck in his button of his belly! Suddenly she was being awkwardly dragged all the way through a million people down this bus isle. I was laughing so hard that I could barely get my hands to stop shaking  to untangle them. SO FUNNY.

Also, one day we were walking down the street full of dirt and wayward rocks.  Hna Bennett kicked a rock and it nailed the ankle of Hna O. Her face was all scrunched up and she was about to cry. I'm sure that KILLED. The elders couldn't keep it together. Then two minutes later Hna Olivas lost her hold on her water bottle and it nailed the back of Hna O. It soaked her shirt and I am sure that killed as well. Two minutes after that Hna Bennett lost her hold on her umbrella and it nailed Hna O's foot. She has bad luck I think!

Yesterday we were walking to church after finding out Luis moved a day early and couldn't come to church. We walked past a house where they were killing the Sunday pig!  The pig was squealing and crying, and the big huge momma chanco was crying, too. This boy dragged the pig by its' back legs back behind the house and it was so loud! It was also so sad!  Then the squealing just suddenly stopped, and Hermana O and I were traumatized. That was a great start to a Sabbath morning.

This week we were teaching the Bautista family about The Book of Mormon and Hermana Bautista said, "Wait, so that means that the people who are from Honduras, Guatamala, and Nicaragua are literally descendents of the people of Lehi?"  They literally thought that was the coolest thing ever. The Book of Mormon could not be truer. It's real you guys. It's the truth. It speaks to people's souls. This book has blessed the lives of the Bautista family and it WILL bless anyone's life who gives it a chance and asks God with real intent if it is true.This book can touch your soul if you let it. I watched it touch their hearts this week. It was awesome.

Even though this week was hard, we had divine help to make it through. I know without one ounce of doubt that this church is true. It's real. There is no other church on the planet that is the church of God. There are many good churches.  However, this church has the complete truth and the priesthood of God. Can I just be boldly honest and say that? It's real. The Book of Mormon is actually the word of God and contains the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ died for us. He loves us. He is the perfect example of kindness and love.  When He had the world to save, He had a world of time to stop and hold a little child. I want to live my life in a way that when I kneel at His feet He will have no problem recognizing me as one of His own. I want to spend every day becoming a little more like Him. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. The Book of Mormon has a converting power and through that book anyone can know the church is the truth. President Monson is a prophet. Joseph Smith was the prophet of the restoration. I know it with my whole soul.

Love you all!
Hermana Saylin

I can NOT believe I opened my call a year ago, June 5th. How can that possibly be??

Okay, I'm just really excited about this one investigator Lester so I am going to talk about him first. He is in Honduras because he is originally from here, but he's lived in the States for more than half of his life. Now he is around 29 years old. Anyway, his wife and two little boys are living in Sunnyside HOUSTON right now. However, he got kicked out of the States because he is illegal. We found him because he started speaking perfect English to us two white girls. He is the cousin of one of the members. Anyway, here is my plan. He is planning on going back to the States in about a month. So... 1.)  teach Lester  2.) baptize Lester 3.) send Lester back to the Texas Houston South Mission 4.) have the THSM missionaries teach his wife 5.) have them sealed in the Houston temple where my two missions can be joined forever and ever!!!!

I realize this is a dream that is going to take a miracle and also is a very much a Kate Saylin designed plan, but it would be awesome. I am sure the Lord's plan is just like this one don't you think?? We tried to have him read this verse in El Libro de Mormon and he said he couldnt really understand it.  He then  asked if we could teach him in English instead and if we had this book in English. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES that we are the only white companionship in the whole mission and we just happened to find one random guy that needs the lessons in English? God's hand is definitely in His work.

Okay, Eric Bautista was wearing an Eaglwood Golfcourse shirt this week. I told you they get all their clothes from the States. I was really excited.

Our companionship is now in constant Spanglish. Hermana O is worse than I am but we have had some pretty good laughs. We started this conversation once in English and ended it in Spanish.We are loving that both of us are bilingual. Super cool. We always speak Spanish when we are out of the house and we get the WIERDEST looks from people because they can't figure out why we aren't just speaking English. Everyone trys to give us directions because they think we are tourists but we think.... who would go on vacation to Mezapa? Mezapa is our life. We don't need directions. haa.

Henry. So we got this super cute shasta cell phone. We can't talk on it in the middle of the road so we were hiding. I was standing there waiting and this man came out of his house and asked me if I had something he could read. I thought, "Something you can read? What?"I thought I had misunderstood him because nobody ever just asks you for a pamphlet about your church, but it is true!  He wanted something about our church. I talked to him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then Hermana O got off the phone and Henry asked, "Do you guys have time right now to teach me?" DO WE HAVE TIME TO TEACH YOU???!?!??! So we taught him. He told us he doesn't go to a church because it's his goal to find the right one. I'm pretty sure my jaw was dragging in the dirt. We are going to teach him again this week.  Wonderful blessings!

I have had a wierd, awful stomach pain for the past two weeks. The mission nurse thinks it's H. Pylori. That's exciting.

The branch has saved up their money for a year and now they're all leaving Wednesday morning at 3 AM to take a bus to the temple. They are so excited. Our investigator, Luis, is going with them. He will get baptized this Saturday and we are so excited for him.

One time this week there were these three ladies.  I asked them their names and one said," Maria." Then the next one said,  "Maria," and then the next one said, " Maria!" Ha! That's not the first time that's happened.

Speaking of Maria's...Maria Juaquina didn't get baptized this Saturday because a member told her false information  about the temple and baptisms for the dead. Also 20 years ago the branch president was stealing tithing money and the rumor still circulates around this little town. Basically we took a huge step backwards, but we are working really hard with her. Luis heard the same rumors because he's good friends with Maria but his testimony was strong enough to pull him through, and he's getting baptized this weekend! 

This is funny. Hermana Bautista has a cousin who just built a new house. He had his pastor from this other church come over and bless his house.  H. Bautista was telling us the story of what it was like. Basically the pastor blessed a water bottle, poked holes in the top, and then sprayed the whole house, including the people in it with water. That was a cool story. She was laughing so hard. She thought it was so weird. She's a recent convert and she wondered...does our church do that?

Everyone read D&C 130:2 . It makes me think of hanging out with all of my favorite people in heaven. Actually, it really just reminds me of Scott Pot driving everyone nuts and the boys making everyone laugh up in heaven after this life.

It seems like you all have had an awesome week.... graduations and grandmas funeral. Glad to hear it.

Well, I love you guys! The church is true and I love this great work of salvation.

Hermana Saylin