Friday, April 18, 2014


This is the weirdest computer i´ve ever typed on and i am a little bit frustrated that i can{t type fast or find the apostrophe button. The exclamation point in the subject spot took five minutes to find. But anyway...I´m here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was harder than i thought it would be to leave you guys but holy moley it¨s already worth it. I am so excited for Cory and Cole to get to come here. The atmosphere was so great flying here...we flew with about 30 missionaries! <when we finally got here in Mexico city it was the most exciting thing. I am not scared or dreading any of it. I want all of you to know how exited and happy i am to finally be here.
So i sat by Hermana Porter on the first flight and then i sat in between hermana turner and hermana porter on the second flight. 
When we landed in Dallas we met the cutest spitfire girl from North Dakota. She is just a bundle of hilariousness (is that a word?) I loved her from the start. I just found out...WE ARE COMPANIONS. Her name is Hermana Babb. 
Im wearing a tag right now!!
<so driving through downtown was so crazy! the lanes are maybe 6 inches apart... haha just kidding but seriously you can touch the car driving next to you without sticking your hand out the window. And theres color everywhere. bright fun colors. and graffiti. everywhere. And gross bilboards (Cory, close your eyes when you come!!!!) Also, you drive like 100 mph. So say you{re going one way and then theres a median on your right... well the cars on the other side of the median are going the same way...not the opposite. its weird. i was glad i wasnt driving. 

typing with no caps and no apostrophes is killing me. 

anyway.. i wish i had more time but ill write on pday!! i love you so much. say hi to everyone. 

love you so much
Hermana <Saylin

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