Thursday, July 10, 2014

Okay, now for the GOOD STUFF......

THE FAMILIA ATUNEZ ROCKS! We had the coolest lesson with their family yesterday. We have been praying to be able to have a lesson with the dad because he is never there. We have only had two lessons with him. We want to baptize them as a family.  Sarah (the Mom) doesn't want to get baptized or accept a date until her husband is in on it, too. Today we showed up and the WHOLE family sat around and they were all so interested. The Dad (Shem) was totally totally drunk, though. I mean he just REAKED. The kids were all so different around him. Sarah appologized for not coming to church that morning because  she can't leave him alone when he is drunk like that. However, I never thought it was possible to have the spirit when you've got a drunk guy there but he actually asked a lot of really great questions. We are praying that he woke up today and could remember all that we said. We taught the most powerful lesson about baptism. They were ALL ears. We taught about how the gospel makes it possible so that we can live with our families forever. They were amazed that we don't get paid to be here but that we are actually paying to be here. I love this family with all my heart!!!! Juana, who is ten, always says The Book of Mormon is SO TRUE! They all accepted a date to be baptized for August 16th. We made sure to leave a Word of Wisdom pamphlet with them. Shem can't read so Sarah will have to read it to him. Shem just broke down mid lesson saying that he is an acoholic and all he wants to do is change.  :O   Bueno, we have a way that you can do that. I asked him if he believed in Christ and if he believed that Christ could help him change. He said with all his heart he did. He said, "Christ can change me and I'm going to let him."  So they still have to get married, stop drinking coffee, he has to quit smoking and drinking, but the blessings of eternity are well worth the hard work. They want to be an eternal family!!!!! EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!! I have decided that I am flying here for their baptism. HAHA. I wish.

Oh man. The branch here is definitely nothing like Utah. The past four weeks they have just given up on third hour and had a class called "Everyone Get Together" and "We Are Going To Talk About How We Are Going To Pay For The Temple Trip" and "Who Owes What Money."  All the new converts just leave and all the investigators leave.  THIS IS NOT OKAY. We need Elder Holland to show up unexpectedly :) They will grow, this I know!

In church we sang the song that says "Hermanos adios, pues, adios"  and it also talks about seeing each other Mas Alla. I almost bawled in the middle of sacrament meeting. I barely could keep it together. I had to stop paying attention to the words. I am so sad. This is so hard. No use in lying but I do have faith in God's will. This is all going to work out.

Oh my goodness..... the FOURTH OF JULY. That was so different. First we woke up and sang I am proud to be an American with Hermana Bennett  banging with pots and pans. We shouted AMERICA and then we called Elder Adamson and did the same.  He told us that He was really sick. Pobresito. Honduras, why do you make all the gringos sick?? Seriously, every gringo in our district has been sick this week.

We were teaching these recent converts and they live right next door to a cow slaughter house. So I watched a cow die. It was brutal. It was a little bit different from the usual fireworks on the fourth of July. Wait 'til you see the pics....

I got to go see La Ceiba this week. That was awesome. The people are so easy to understand there. haahha.

Saying goodbye to these people makes me want to cry. I love these people. Edith cried saying goodbye and Ezekiel Cruz came and shook my hand after church on Sunday and they got all emotional thanking me for the work I have done in Mezapa and for helping to change the branch. I'm like...stop i am going to cry.

President told me that God is training me to be a really great mission president's wife one day because of everything that's going on in my life. I DIED.  That's  one of my biggest dreams!

Hermana Orgill just got a call saying that she is training next transfer! I'm so excited for her!

Well team.. I will sure see you this Thursday. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Get ready for me to talk all y'alls ears off about this wonderful place.

Hermana Saylin

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