Saturday, May 3, 2014

I have arrived and been here 1/2 a day!

If you knew what I just went through to be able to write you this email! We just went to 3 different internet cafes to finally find one that works!! I am using all my strength to push down this space bar. hahahh. Oh my HECK. I love this country. There are chickens eating garbage and cows that just come walk right next to you. I just want to catch the chickens but I think I will get a disease. I am in this city called Mezapa. There are kids everywhere--little Sammys running around in diapers and no shoes. I have the cutest little house you've ever seen. It has10 foot walls around it with a lock so we are super safe. It looks like Jurassic Park everywhere you look. All anyone talks about is how it's the dry season but it is literally raining right now. Anyway, it's actually beautifully ugly and I LOVE IT, but I don't understand anyone. Actually that isn't true. I understand my companions because one of them speaks English and one of them speaks slowly for me. Yes! I have 2 moms (trainers)! I want to send you pictures but these computers won't let us. Next week we will beat the elders to the nice computers so I can send you these AWESOME pictures. I am not in Kansas anymore.

So after i turned the corner after saying bye to yall i just was like.. Wait! I did it!!! I just did it. I just passed that test. The last part of my mountain was almost the hardest to climb but i got to the top. I did it!!
So i didnt even realize this... until i was writing it down in my journal. Saying goodbye to scott pot i was kinda stern. Haha no but seriously. I hugged him and told him i loved him etc. And then i put my hands on his shoulders and looked him so deep in the eye. I told him ¨I dont want to see you until you are an RM. I told him he was ready and that he needed to go. Have christmas at home and then go. I dont want to only serve with you one month!
I honestly did not plan to say anything to him.  I didnt even realize what had come out of my mouth until i sat down and wrote in my journal waiting for the plane. But i am a full time missionary. That means i have the power to speak Gods actual words. I am not saying i can recieve revelation for scott but I can speak the words that HF and the spirit give to me. And i just wonder if that wasnt just the answer to Dads blessing he gave me last night but also if it was an answer for Scott Pott.

So I got on the plane to Atlanta and they changed up all the seats. Luckily I still got an isle but I ended up sitting next to these 2 boys (sitting on either side of me) that were high as a kite, and drunk. The kid almost knocked me out with his bag trying to put it over head. Everyone on the plane was shaking their heads. It was actually pretty hilarious. I didn't really sleep that much. I had the longest layover EVER in Atlanta. But I was so excited to step onto that plane to San Pedro Sula. I didn't cry when I landed because I was surrounded by a bunch of buinessmen traveling together and I just felt like I had to keep it together. There has never been a sweeter sign then the "Bienvenidos A Honduras" sign.

 Customs was nerve racking cause I didn't have a return ticket or a visa (which I didn't need but was still nervous about) but the guy asked no questions and shoved me right through! Prayers answered. The Kliens were there to pick me up. They took me to a Honduran restaurant called Power Chicken. I ate a chicken spine-- like it was a rib cage. That was... cool!  Then they bought me a cold soda and we drove an hour and a half to my area. I met my two mommas. I wish I could send pictures today! That drive was gorgeous. The Kleins say this is their favorite area. There are 2 Elders and 5 sisters that live on the same dirt road. We all share one branch. The church is a rented house! It's actually the safest area of the mission and my house is so cute. You should see where they baptize. I have pictures.

I was surprised how much I could understand. They all say I am from the factory which is what the local Mormons call Utah but in Spanish. Anyway, there's a really pretty rainbow over the mountain right now. Everything is wet and I am so STICKY!

I saw Elder Bray. He's in this district.  He passed out when he saw me. We were good buddies in the CCM and he said if he were me he wouldn't have come back.  Are you kidding?  This is heaven.
I wish I could send pictures this week!! Maybe Google map it??

I shower in a shower, but it doesn't work. So we just use a bucket. We do our laundry outside with this tub. It's super cool. Yeah...this is not Utah. I feel like I am dreaming! Is this really real?
I saw this little boy Chloe's age on a horse out by himself. The horse probably weighed as much as Sam.

I think Coke  owns this country. 

Write me letters at
Mision Honduras San Pedro Sula Este
12 Calle, Ave Circunvalacion
3er, Nivel, Oficina #4
San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras C.A.

Miss you! Love you!
Hermana Saylin

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